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Tracerco Asia is a world leading industrial technology company providing unique and specialised detection, diagnostic and measurement solutions.

Our goal is to drive technical innovation to bring significant benefits to our customers in the petroleum industry and in the security tagging niches we serve.

Our promise to our customers is simple and clear: we can add value to your business by increasing revenue, decreasing costs and saving time by:

  • Improving process control and optimising overall asset performance
  • Determining the real time, on line conditions in a process system allowing operators to visualise flow and detect leaks, blockages or other problems
  • Investigating the integrity of critical plant units to avoid production losses, increasing throughput and averting environmental or safety incidents
  • Offer industrial products brand protection from counterfeiting or adulteration via the use of our covert forensic tagging technology
  • Delivering radiation protection training and advice, ensuring compliance with national and international legislation.

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