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Tracerco Asia offer a range of TRACERCO Diagnostics™ services and non-intrusive TRACERCO™ Instruments, which optimise the recovery and separation of hydrocarbons. Tracerco Asia also supply a range of unique taggant systems used in enhanced hydrocarbon recovery through to consumer fuels.

TRACERCO Diagnostics™ services are used during commissioning trials, trouble-shooting exercises, inspection programmes and optimisation trials to allow our customers to "look" inside their vessels to assess the actual process conditions.

TRACERCO™ Instruments, which are extremely low maintenance, are used when difficult measurements, due to process fluids and operating conditions, are required in real-time.

Tracerco Asia is a world leading provider of advanced tagging technology to the process industry and government bodies, utilising sophisticated molecular markers and specialised analytical technologies.

Focussed entirely on the hydrocarbon chain, Tracerco Asia provide through our product assurance technologies range, a fully bespoke solution to meet the precise requirements of our industrialised and governmental clients.

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